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whoever you are in the light.

most likely to take over the world in her sleep.
6 April

and in 1984 i trust we'll still
be high together. i'll say "let's go to a bar"
and you'll say "let's go to a movie" and we'll go to both;
like two old chinese drunkards arguing about their
favorite mountain and the million reasons for them both.

(john button birthday, frank o'hara.)

so the room must listen to me filibuster vigilantly.
8% of kids do it, :x :x :x, agents pocky pobrecito & popcorn popper, attend the tale of sexy todd, being a faghag :), being their crazypie, brainrape master snape, charlie and knox vs. champ, clive owen: youre v.forward, does it have to be human?, does it have to be mine?, emu ghosts & kittentits, epic pirate aus, every man is a poet, ewok porn, f.c.l.a., forgive me-ology, gd it parkers, geath by a gilliteen's, greenie jeeps & mints: new troika!, greeplin, having too many gdarn interests, he's just another nancy boy, homosensual river adventures, i love my dead gay dumbledore, i'm a fuckin tornado, idk my bff jonathan, ikki/parkman pto, immersing my body in your body, in some cultures a chicken, insane cock brothers!, johanna! (say my name bitch), jonathan invented the internet, jonathan suicides :|, jonathan/andrew/warren weird love triangles, judey judey judey jude, knowing the kaddish, let's block this mother, like a magical sitar, loving all over everyone, mah meh mee moh moo-oo, mexico ii: return of the cute, michelle and alex!!!, model basics at old navy, mukuro = candlejack, my babushkas ♥, nathan: ilu... man, never wearing pants (no...... really), nick t. lulz, no sir (i'm a dreamer), november 13 2005, ohhhhh daaaaayum!!!, one thing i can never confess, ophelia = legolas, opium den antics, patrick luke orz, pb: greenie, pigeon alice that shit!, playing homo bffs, q drive: ~the drive of mystery~, quoting hamlet in everyday life, rube: world's worst pacifist, schoolyard revolutions against nuns, seanvolio, she ran whorefuckingly, she swoons to see them bleed, speaking in capslock, sybunging, that electric box looks suspicious, that will never stop being funny, the captain/nuwanda, the frickin gourami!, the gelato was good in italy, the illustrious p's, the captain is my superior, the sun is up the sky is blue, this quarry cries on havoc, tom lenk's purple unitard of freedom, w&j's s.o.s. texts, wahtreve, wandrethan (but...not like that), warren "cock goes where?" mears, we make a good you & me, write a poem about that, jackass, ~organically~